Lives are being changed...


The man in white is Marco - for years he's dealt with internal torment that would manifest itself through cutting, including cutting his face. In July, in Nebraska, we were able collaborate with John Caleb AlaridBrian Cole, and Prison Fellowship in sharing the Gospel with and praying for Marco, and by the power and grace of Jesus, his heart was transformed. 

Following the event, we received this note: "The Religious Coordinator just told me Marco came to class this morning, and he was 'like a new person.' She couldn't believe the change in him." 

2 months later...


Just last week, in correspondence with The Pen Project collaborators in Nebraska, we received this encouraging note: 'Marco is doing exceptionally well. He has not been getting in trouble, he walks around with a smile on his face, has a lightness to his step. He has not even attempted to hurt himself and his mind is well. He has a peace about him now that wasn't there before.'

We ask you to continue to pray for Marco, and those who've witnessed this incredible transformation. This is just one of many stories we've had the privilege of being a part of. Jesus continues to use the ministries of 513FREE to point people to Him, for which we're incredibly grateful.

Jesse HambleComment