On The Road: God Is Moving

Hey Friends,

We are on the road a lot this summer and continue to experience God in amazing ways. Over the last year, we continue to see our ministry expand; God is moving on our hearts, opening doors to new and exciting opportunities.

This year, will be one of our biggest years with events, around 110. About half of our events are happening this summer. Many have taken place and more are yet to come. Already, we have visited youth camps, churches, fairs, rehab centers, and more. 

Below is an overview of some great events we have already done: 

Currently, we are in the middle of our Mission Bible Training Center Tour. During this tour, we will visit five MBTCs as well as lead worship for a National Student Conference for Southern Indiana University. So far, we have visited the MBTCs in Iowa, Indiana, and Tennessee.  Later this week we will visit the centers in Alabama and Kentucky as well as end our tour with the National Student Conference.  

God is moving this summer and we are so blessed to minister in all these different places. We are excited to share with you our experiences from tour when we get back. Continue to pray that God will move and work through us as we are on the road. We appreciate your prayers!