Haiti Update

Hey Friends,

We want to fill you in on Haiti and let you know where we are going. A couple of weeks ago, we held our first benefit concert with Jason Gray to raise funds to start our new project in Haiti. Because of the generosity of our listeners and supporters, we raised over $7,000.  

On our last mission trip to Haiti, in November of 2013, God opened our eyes and hearts to a huge need and opportunity as we visited Petit Goave, a large city in Haiti. Pastor Yves Regaillard, the Haitian pastor we support and partner with, walked us through a school and church of 600 kids without sponsors. (To read a full recap of the trip click here.)  

Since our mission trip and benefit concert, we completed our first task in this new project. Because the school was without support, teachers did not get paid for over a year. We realize there are many needs to be met, however, a school cannot exist without teachers. Therefore, we paid over $4000 in back-pay to the teachers to keep them at the school.

We still have $3000 towards our next project. This coming July, we are meeting with Pastor Yves Regaillard to discuss what our next steps should be. We realize there is a lot to do, and trusting that God will help guide and direct us on how we should move.  

If you would like to give and were not able to at the concert, you can do it here.