Kicking it Off to a Great Start!

Last week, we had our first events in the new year 2014.  On Wednesday, we went to Camp Luther in Three Lakes, Wisc. and led worship for Second Wednesday.  Second Wednesday is an event every other month where youth groups in the region come together to fellowship and worship.  In addition to Second Wednesday, we led worship for the youth conference "Recharge" at Luther Park Bible Camp in Chetek, Wisc.  Dylan Mckneely, a.k.a. STEPHONE, joined us; together, we shared our hearts, music, and ministry with the kids.

Aside from our events, we held an important meeting discussing our efforts in Haiti.  Currently, we work with Love for Lozandier and pastor Yves Regala.  Yves is originally from Haiti, adopted at an early age by American missionaries, and returned to Haiti to start his ministry of over 25 years.  He has planted 18 churches in Haiti, overseeing them, and he seeks opportunity to start more churches.  Many ministries, like Love for Lozandier, work with pastor Yves to support the churches he plants.  Churches in Haiti are essential to the communities.  Families attending the churches receive Christ and discipleship, food, education, and healthcare.

While in Haiti last November, pastor Yves brought to our attention the need for a ministry to support a church and school in Petit Goave.  Petit Goave is the first place where pastor Yves started his ministry 25 years ago.  The American missionaries that adopted Yves supported the school and church financially, however, they have passed away.  Unfortunately, because of the earthquake destroying the church and the financial support gone, Petit Goave is in dire need of support.  

Currently, there is a temporary church set up at the location where Yves wants to build a permanent church as well as 600 students attending the school without sponsors.  Right now, kids attending the school pay for their own eduction, which does not include food or healthcare.  The school is struggling and many kids cannot afford it, resulting in withdrawals.  As a ministry, we see the need for sponsoring this church and school.  We are seeking God for what our next steps should be in Haiti.  If you are interested in learning more about Petit Goave and joining our discussion, email us at  

As we dive into the new year, we continue to seek God and His will upon our ministry and individual lives.  This year, we will emphasize prayer and living faith out, truly being a follower of Christ.  Something we are excited about is our prayer network that is growing fast.  We believe one of the greatest ways you can support us is through prayer, therefore, we encourage you to sign up for prayer on our website and join us, click here to sign up.  Additionally, as a ministry, we are reading through the book Not a Fan, opening our hearts and minds to what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.  

We look forward to this next year and where God is leading us.  We believe this going to be an exciting year, full of growth both spiritually and organizationally.  Already, we have over 90 events booked for the year and continue to be blessed with more places to go and spread His word!