MBTC: Savannah Georgia

Hey Friends,

Last night, Aug. 16, we led worship in Savannah, Ga. at a Mission Bible Training Center.  This was our last MBTC on the tour and worship went very well. Our worship service took place in the living room of an old plantation house, where the center is located. This was a unique experience for all of us, setting up our equipment and instruments in their living room. 

It has been interesting to see how different each MBTC is. Some are located on farms and ranches to others in old historic buildings. Although there are physical differences, God is present and working in all the locations. We have seen and felt the passion the residents have for Jesus. It has encouraged and challenged us to take our relationship with Christ more seriously. 

We are excited to bring our experiences home and will be putting together a video highlighting all the MBTCs we went to. Thank you for all your prayers and support this week. God is moving, and we are excited to follow Him!