On the Road w/ @513Free (Guest Post by TRU-SERVA)

Yo, Wudd up everybody it’s ya boy Marcus Montana aka TRU-SERVA, making a guest appearance today on the 513Free’s Blog.

First, I just want to say how thankful and blessed I am for the opportunity to be on the road with these guys.  Even-though we have been doing things together for awhile, it has been an honor to be welcomed into their lives and ministry.

Its been humbling and a blast watching the Lord move in unique ways at the different Mission Bible Training Centers we have connected with. Last night we were in Tuscumbia, AL at the Restoration Ranch and the experience is really not that simple to put into words, but we saw the power of the Holy Spirit invade the place. I believe it was a life directing night for the band as well as the residents. There was a deposit of purpose into each of our hearts; for this tour, for the band and for life.

Being in an unique position, I can view things from within and outside of the band. Its exciting to see Jesus calling each member to really go deep, something a little different for all. You can sense that as we continue to be obedient to the call, the level of impact and power increases. Its not everyday (even in other ministers) that you see a group of guys so passionate about people in prisons, homeless shelters and rehab centers. It’s certainly a tough road, but refreshing to see.

Its been great to minister along-side and be ministered to by 513FREE. I pray that these guys will stay encouraged and committed to complete the calling that God has for them.

Grace & Peace
Marcus Montana aka TRU-SERVA

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