Wrapping Up The Year 2013

As this year comes to an end, we feel blessed by God as we experienced growth and change.  God's faithfulness prevailed in many ways, answering our prayers and blessing us. 

In 2013, a lot happened; here are a few things that stick out as we look back: 

  • We did over 100 events: ministered to inmates in prisons, residents in rehab centers, and the homeless in shelters.  We led worship for youth, college, and churches as well.
  • Our band went on our first mission trip to Haiti.  Click here for the full recap.
  • We started our first Mission Bible tour.  Click here to watch a short video.
  • Our ministry went from being volunteer-based to full-time.
  • We started a prayer network and added a prayer team to our ministry.
  • Our band had the opportunity to work with a number of talented artists such as Agape, Tru-serva, and Stephone
  • We put out a new E.P. album, Upside Down.  Click here to download!   

We realize none of the above things could have happened if it weren't for God and our amazing supporters.  God continues to reveal His purpose and calling on our ministry. It's been incredible to see everything come together!

As we go into the last month of the year, we only have a handful of events left.  Last weekend, Dec. 6 & 7, we joined Agape on the first night of his Christmas tour and in return, he joined us for our trip to MBTC in Gaastra, Mich.  We were able to worship and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas as well as minister and serve at MBTC. Our prayer team joined us too at MBTC, making an an amazing meal for the residents followed by worship and music.  

Our last event of the year is at Peace Church in Eau Claire, Wisc.  We are leading worship for confirmation and youth group.

We are excited to look ahead to next year but grateful for all the provision and experiences in the past year.    

Our prayer team preparing a meal for the residents at MBTC in Gaastra, MI.

Our prayer team preparing a meal for the residents at MBTC in Gaastra, MI.