What if our mission WAS re:entry?

  • Developing DNA groups
  • Developing Gospel centric employers
  • Developing supportive housing maintenance crews
  • Recruiting healthy Gospel centric disciples into the mission
  • etc.


What if our mission was the neighborhood of each re:entry housing unit?

  • Proclaiming the kingdom throughout the neighborhood
  • Developing relationships
  • Presenting the Gospel through eating, re-creating, celebrating in the neighborhood
  • etc.

No matter what, working through week 8: day 4, it's abundantly clear, in order to move forward, our Missional Community needs a defined mission.

Since week 8: day 4's focus is being informed by being baptized in the name of the Son, "Gospel Identity - Servant," we (the VanDyke family) decided to turn back to week 4, pages 92-113 for review.

We found this paragraph on page 93 informative:

"Look around you. Consider were God has placed you and other with you. Does it look like Jesus' kingdom? Are the hungry fed, the naked clothed, the broken brought to health, the disconnected included in families, and the captives set free to fully live? If we are servants of Jesus, we are in the place where he has put us in order to serve others as He served us. He wants people to experience what life can be like in His kingdom through his body. As His body, we give tangible expression to what Jesus is like. He wants people to taste and see, through our actions of love, that He is very good and His kingdom is amazing, so that, after experiencing it, they will want to be with Him forever in His kingdom."

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