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The Tandem Mentorship Program was established in 2016 as a ministry of 513FREE with the goal of sharing the life changing hope of Christ with at-risk youth in the Chippewa Valley through the support of a Christ-centered mentor. We reach youth facing adversity in the Chippewa Valley through impactful, Christ-centered, guiding relationships. We pray Christ's power will lead to life changing transformation by inspiring hope and encouraging youth to reach their full potential.


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    If you're interested in being a part of the Tandem Mentorship program as a mentor or if you know a child that you believe would benefit from being a part of the program, please review the qualifications below and click the appropriate link to fill out an application.

    If you don't feel ready to commit to a mentorship term but would like to learn more about our program by participating in group activities, fill out the "Request More Information" form at the bottom of this page and we'll contact you shortly.   


    Mentor Qualifications:

    • Live in the Chippewa Valley
    • Have a relationship with Christ
    • Consent to a background check
    • Have a valid driver's license and auto insurance
    • Be able to commit 4-6 hours per month for a 10 month term

    Mentee qualifications

    • Live in the Chippewa Valley
    • Be able to commit 4-6 hours per month for a 10 month term
    • Be open to involvement with a Christ-centered mentor

    The Impact.

    Thank you so much for taking so much time to work with Dylan. It was such an amazing opportunity that he had to work with you and I know that he enjoyed it. I appreciate you being open minded to taking on an “at risk” youth from a detention center. What an opportunity. You are just so awesome. What a blessing you are! Saying thank you simply doesn’t cut it...but that is what I am. Sincerely thankful.
    — Casey Velie (Eau Claire County, 180 Program Coordinator)
    To be honest, if it weren’t for (my mentor) I would be in a lot more trouble.
    — Terrence (Mentee)
    The most amazing thing about being a part of Tandem has been seeing the transformation of kids from untrusting, cautious and maybe even skeptical, to trusting, laughing, joking, and wanting to be known; desiring a relationship
    — Tandem Mentor

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    Our Team

    Ashley Stoll - Director

    Ashley Stoll - Director

    Mike Perrault - Assistant Director

    Mike Perrault - Assistant Director

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