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The number of individuals leaving and promptly returning to correctional institutions in Wisconsin is having an adverse effect on public safety, public health, family networks, and community wellbeing. The Wisconsin prison system releases nearly 9,000 inmates each year. 

Most people are released with nothing more than a small amount of personal property and a temporary shelter, if anything at all. Within three years, over one-third of ex-inmates will have reoffended and be recommitted to the Department of Corrections.  513FREE frequently hears from those incarcerated about their fears of release due to a lack of housing, employment, and supportive community. Local corrections professionals have echoed the need for housing, employment, and support.


Our Solution

Successful transition from incarceration to return home is almost always the result of prayerful and purposeful planning.  re:entry mitigates barriers to success by offering a healthy community, a safe place to reside, employment opportunities, transportation, and the chance to overcome other personal issues, with the understanding Jesus is the answer to all questions, to all problems, in every situation.  

re:entry utilizes and integrates local resources within each participant’s personal transformation plan; however, sustainable success will be achieved through disciple-making and Biblical teaching which creates lasting heart change. 


The Impact

Though still in its formative phase, re:entry is already seeing lives changed by the power of the Gospel lived out in loving, supportive community.  With 15 active referrals in its first year and even more expected in the year to come, re:entry is poised to be a major force in advancing the Kingdom of God and breaking the cycle of incarceration in the Chippewa Valley and beyond. 

I honestly don’t know if any of you have witnessed God change a man, but I’m here to tell you that something truly amazing and completely unexpected has happened to me. I have never in my life felt this way...I have been in jails, prison, and life & death situations all of my life. Never have I been more closer to Jesus Christ. Never have I felt more love from a human being than I have from my family in the community. Never have I understood exactly what I was put on this planet to do, until now.
— Michael

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We are currently in a mobilization phase. We're following Jesus' lead. We're connecting and collaborating with many different individuals and organizations that have a heart to disciple those coming out of prison.

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