Press & Reviews

Tom Maxwell (Prison Fellowship Ministries)
"Although your music was excellent almost everyone commented on the way that your integrity and true humility came through on and off stage. Not only was your music a witness but your decorum which in this time of self absorption is rare. You all were truly a gift to us both inside and out.”

Denny Menter (Volunteer)
"I admire 513FREE's ability to use their talents to impact people who I think most of the world would rather forget about. Two major moments that I will always remember. One at the start of the prison show. When the opening song was played I had a few tears in my eyes. That place stopped being a prison and became a celebration in the blink of an eye. The second memory I will always have is a room full of prisoners yelling, "I Am Free!" with smiles on their faces. That also made me well up."

Jeffery Anderson (Chaplain, Algoa Correctional Center, Missouri)
“The Band's faith, zeal for God, and passion for what they do was evident as they gave themselves to the men who came to hear them. It was great to watch these young men give of themselves generously and sacrificially for the sake of the offenders, and to see the offenders respond in like manner. The band played for nearly two (2) hours, and as I assisted their loading and exit from our camp, though they were tired and hungry, their attitude and witness was just the same as it was when they arrived.”

David Tolliver (Chaplain, Jefferson City Correctional Center, Missouri)
“513FREE performed to an audience of offenders listening from inside their Housing Units for over an hour--then, finally, they had a live audience for about the last 30 minutes.  They were received very well…I heard nothing but good comments from offenders and staff alike. I can testify that 513free is a band of Christian gentlemen and music professionals.  Their music was top-notch (including a couple of the old hymns for people my age)…their work ethic is solid…their Christian demeanor is authentic…and their spirits are sweet.”

WWIB Radio 103.7 (Chippewa Falls, WI)
"It is rare to find a person or organization that sets a course that goes decidedly against the grain. When most people would take the downhill trail, the members of 513FREE continue to choose the more difficult uphill climb. This Eau Claire, Wisconsin band isn't trying to get rich or make a name for themselves. You won't find a price tag on their CD's and you won't have to reach for your wallet at one of their concerts. 513FREE is on a mission to freely give what has been given to them and what is available to each of us--the message of forgiveness, redemption and rebirth in Christ."