Ministry Overview

513FREE began in 2007 with a desire to reach out to the lost and forgotten through music and hands-on ministry. Following the Holy Spirit’s lead, everything we did was completely free of charge, regardless of our audience. Most of our time was spent on the road, eventually totaling over 700 concerts and worship events nationwide and in other countries. Those events included youth camps, worship nights, rehab centers, homeless shelters, college events, conferences, short-term mission trips, prisons, and more.

In 2015, we asked God to show us His purpose for 513FREE. Through much prayer and discernment, a new mission statement was born: boldly sharing the Gospel with the incarcerated and those at risk. Everything we do is still free of charge, but our target audience has narrowed.

Today, 513FREE is actively working to break the cycle of incarceration through Christ-centered discipleship and programs for those at risk of going, those currently in, and those being released from prison. Our success not only benefits those we serve, but also our communities, as a whole. Less crime means fewer victims and safer neighborhoods.

Our Programs

The only true way to break the cycle of incarceration is through the freedom found in Christ.  We choose to put Christ at the center of everything we do. To maintain focus, these are the four ways we work to break the cycle:

Youth Mentorship | Learn More
We share life changing hope with Chippewa Valley youth through the support of Christ-centered mentors. Through a comprehensive process, we pair willing youth with qualified mentors. By building strong, healthy relationships early in life, we are breaking the cycle of incarceration before it even begins.

Music & Events | Learn More
We coordinate, facilitate and perform in-prison outreach events where we share music, the Gospel, and a time of worship and prayer.

re:entry | Learn More
We help individuals being released from prison with housing, job placement, life skills and assimilation into Christ-centered community.

The Pen Project | Learn More
We co-write a magazine with the incarcerated and those at risk. Using their artwork and creative writings, they can tell their story and share the Gospel with fellow inmates, family, and friends.