513FREE is a Christian worship band from Eau Claire, WI that started in 2007. We’ve released 3 full-length albums along with a number of smaller projects and singles. Within our music, we share life, encouragement, and the Gospel to our listeners. We’ve played nearly 800 shows (and counting) nationwide. In 2011, we played in our first prison, Prairie Du Chien Correctional. Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time playing our music inside of various prisons throughout Wisconsin and beyond. We also lead worship for churches and ministries throughout the country. We’re approaching 12 years of ministry, and we continue to live out our mission:

“To reach and influence the world for Christ through music and worship.”

Our ministry and name is based on the following Bible verse: “You my brothers are called to be free, but do not use your freedom for your own selfish nature, rather serve one another in love.” (Galatians 5:13) We believe that we truly are free to serve others in love, not because we have to, but because the Holy Spirit has transformed our selfish natures to the point where we want nothing more. 

Through the years the makeup of our team has changed. Though there have always been some consistent core members, our team can often look different given the nature of an event. Over time, we’ve built relationships and have surrounded ourselves with a community of worshippers that allows many people to use their musical and worship gifts.

In 2019, we’re partnering with churches and ministries interested in 513FREE leading worship. The types of events we’re booking are: Sunday morning church services, worship nights or concerts, and conferences or retreats. At these events, we’ll provide engaging worship including original music and current worship songs sung at most churches. 513FREE works with you to help plan the music, set, and times. This helps create the greatest impact and response from the congregation (audience). Our team has over 15 years of experience in leading worship. We’re committed to making your event a success, connecting your audience to Jesus through worship.

Since we began in 2007, we’ve created and maintained long lasting relationships with professional ministry collaborators. We’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with many well-known artists. Some of our relationships include: Ezekiel Azonwu (poetry / spoken word), Tim Gabrielson (comedy), AGAPE (hip-hop), TRU-Serva (hip-hop), Brian Cole (evangelist), and Jarell Roach (evangelism / comedy).